Making Sense of Sign Materials

Making Sense of Sign Materials

on Sep 11, 2015 | 0 comments

Are you opening a new business or changing some things up at your current business?  First things first, you need a sign! Be prepared BEFORE you meet with the sign company.  Let’s break it down and make some sense of some of our most popular sign materials.

We can segment it into three categories: simple, mid-level and supreme.

A simple sign is made from coroplast or aluminuim.  Both are inexpensive, weatherproof, lightweight and can be combined with a printed decal or cut vinyl.  Coroplast only comes in one thickness and does have lines and ridges because it is a corrugated plastic material.  Aluminum is available in different thicknesses and can be made reflective if need be.  Simply a stronger version of the coroplast.

Simple Aluminum Sign – Flush-mounted to Brick


A mid-level sign is made from MDO (Medium Density Overlay) or PVC.  MDO can be printed on, painted or used with cut vinyl.  It does have a wood center so it needs to be maintained to prevent rot.  PVC is a solid, thick plastic that can stand the test of time.  It to can be printed on, painted or used with cut vinyl.

Mid-Level, Flat MDO Hanging Sign

Moxy Projecting_web_1280x530

Or are you looking for a custom made, one of a kind sign?  If so, then you are in need of HDU, High Density Urethane – aka the ‘supreme.’  It is an intensely dense, hard foam that can be routed or carved and custom painted. It can even be made to look like real wood. This sign will stand the test of time and can be 100% custom as far as the look and color. There really are no limits here. Another supreme option is making your sign out of mahogany or cedar.  Both can be custom painted and routed.

A Supreme Sign Made Out of HDU


So now you’re ready to go have a sign made.  Your business can’t live without one and you’ll love these tips as you begin your journey into the sign making process. Go get ‘em tiger!

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